mSecured - Safety Society Ensured

mSecured is a unique and innovative Helpline Case Management System developed by Techno Brain BPO / ITES based on the Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) model.

With mSecured, NGOs and Government organizations working towards children rights and protection can ensure that children live in a safe, secured and non-threatening environment.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Open Source Platform.
  • IP based Digital Telephony Technology.
  • Country specific customization.
  • Compatibility with SIP phones (soft & hard).
  • Caller ID enabled.
  • Auto pop-up of detailed records of children at call entry.
  • Call records log & history.
  • Voice logger (Automated Audio Recording Feature).
  • Inbuilt Quality Management System.
  • Report Generator (Unlimited number of reports).
  • Real Time Monitoring & Agent Time Scheduling & Monito

  • Automated operations for making monthly calls.
  • Up-to-date healthcare information delivered to patients.
  • Voice recording managed with ease.
  • Periodic tracking of patients’ health progress.
  • Easy and clear understanding of information for patients.
  • Access to basic monitoring and evaluation reports in real-time.
  • Improved productivity of healthcare workers.
  • Seamless integration with third-party databases.
  • Access to information in native languages with language independent tool.

Challenges & Solutions

Language barrier.
Language independent tool, helping users get information in native languages.
Scattered records and poor data management.
Manage voice recording with ease, track health progress periodically and help patients to have a safe and secured life.
Unreliable upkeep of reports and analytics.
Improve productivity with comprehensive reports and seamless integration with third-party databases.

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